Code::Blocks was designed around a plugin framework to make it easy for users to extend/improve it without having to touch one line of Code::Blocks' source code.

Over the years, many great plugins have been written by people. Many of them are part of the official Code::Blocks release while others are developed (and managed) by individuals outside our team.

In the future, this page will hold a list of available plugins along with their description and links to their installation instructions or usage manual. But, for the moment, we refer you to our WiKi where we have a dedicated entry point to find information about existing plugins.

If you want to help documenting the existing plugins, you can do so by editing the WiKi pages yourself. The user name and password required to edit WiKi pages is the same as your forums user name and password. So, if you haven't already signed up to our forums, please do so.



Build system

Code::Blocks implements a custom build system with very important features: ultra-fast dependencies generation, build queues and parallel builds are the most important ones to mention.


The debugging subsystem has been greatly enhanced in the latest version. Automatic/manual watches, code/data breakpoints, call stack, disassembly listing and memory dumps are only few of its features.