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Version 20.03

For the release 20.03, we provide a changelog hereby about what has changed since 17.12 (to download the change log, a link is provided at the bottom of this page):

General UI/SDK changes:

HiDPI improvements:

SDK new/changed APIs:

Performance improvements:

Syntax Hightlight UI improvements:



Script bindings:

Library updates:


Code completion plugin:

Compiler plugin:

Debugger plugin:

OccurrenceHighlighting plugin:

Scripting wizard:

Browse tracker plugin:

Code snippets plugin:

Drag scroll plugin:

Environment variables plugin:

File manager plugin:

Key binder plugin:

Nassi-Shneiderman plugin:

Project options manipulator plugin:

RndGen plugin:

SpellChecker plugin:

Thread search plugin:

wxSmith plugin:

Other plugins:

Summary, for download

Download the full changelog here:

Older Changelogs

See Changelog for 17.12

See Changelog for 16.01

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Special thanks

Special thanks for their (continuous) support go to: