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Forums and Wiki migration

2 minutes
March 19, 2021

During the next couple of days, the forums and wiki will be migrated over to the new infrastructure.

It took a bit longer than what we anticipated but the time has finally come to make the switch. The steps involved are:

The old services will “fade out” and the new services will become the main ones, as DNS propagates.

Based on the above, the time window the services will be limited/inaccessible should be minimal, about 5-10 minutes… for most people. It all has to do with the time DNS propagation takes which is highly dependent on your network settings, your ISP’s settings, etc. So, for some it may take 5 minutes while for others it may take 30-60 minutes. We just all have to be patient during that time.

Let’s just hope everything goes as planned!

See you on the other side ;)